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The Overall State of the WWE...and everything else.

It's November. The Draft was in July. The fact that we have had little to say about wrestling in the three months since is two fold; we been busy, and to be candid, we should be careful what we wish for. Survivor Series is today and we could not be less interested. That is not good. One looks like titles might be moving across shows in the form of the IC Belt and Cruiser Weights.

This is the tale of how The Draft brought so much hope. Things were going to be better.

OK then, my name is RAW, and I'm bad. Real bad. Unwatchable, cringworthily (that's a word now) bad.

Not better...

I do laundry and just satisfied to catch glimpses of it to sort of know but not care about what is going on bad. I clean the liter box and sort of listen to it from the other room bad. Oh wait, Enzo and Cass are on? Totes watching. Oh, New Day is on? Paying attention now. Oh...neither of that stuff is on; let me go wash the dishes.

Honestly, Finn Balor is hurt. There is no reason to watch Raw till he comes back. Finn is not on television and this makes us all the sadfaces. It should be making you sadfaces to. You should be donating to science, wrestling health sciences, to invent new ways to make Finn heal faster. Also you should also donating to wrestling occult research so that we can have Finn Balor be possessed by a real demon on command.

Smackdown is good. You should be watching and paying attention to Smackdown. Daniel-B, Shane, AJ Styles -- this is the best at wrestling. The fact that they might get the Cruiser Weights now, and with the Cruiser Weight show following; Tuesday Night is where the wrestling is at. Why these shows are so different with one so good and one so bad, we cannot tell you. With the talent on board, both should be amazing. However, some how, some way, Smackdown is light years ahead.

NXT, despite it's gutted roster, is still strong. With the tag belts switching to DIY (Johnny Wrestling and Ciampa) from the red hot Revival in what was an amazing 2-out-3 falls match was mind blowing. If you did not enjoy that match, then you have no soul. Seriously. Finn Balor ate your soul and is using it to heal his body; you should talk to him about that. What is it we really care about in NXT? Bobby Roode's theme song. Seriously. I am linking it here so that you can listen to it on repeat for days. If that theme song does not get your loins pumping, then see previous statement about Finn Balor stealing your soul. Oogle at this guy's entrance! His revivalry with fan-favorite Tye Dillinger the past few weeks has been great. Their match opened NXT Takeover: Toronto and started off a fantastically strong night.

The reason you are really watching NXT right now is because of one man; Shinsuke Nakamura. If a live violin can serenade a man to the ring and not have you enjoy it; seriously what is your soul made of, and why does Finn Balor find it so delicious?! The biggest thing here is that Samoa Joe still looks awesome and came off strong when he reclaimed his title. This is good wrestling. This is good stuff and you should be watching it. Pay your $9.99 a month because this is worth your time.

That's the WWE. But you know what; wrestling is not just the WWE and you are probably missing out if you aren't opening your eyeballs wider.

If you do not have the El Rey Network, then all your local cable company and demand it from them. This is wrestling distilled down to it's amazingly finest. This is literally the best damn thing on television right now, and you are probably not watching it. Why? I have no clue. Maybe you are like Steve and just hate everything (editor's note, Steve likes Lucha and they don't, which makes Steve a better person than those people who hate everything). There is so much going on there it cannot even be contained in print. You just have to watch it. The highlights are on YouTube. Watch them. If you do not like it after that, then why are we even speaking? Hell, why are you even breathing?! Yeah, we went there. Got two words for you if you do not like it.

What...else... What else... Oh yeah. Japan = Always Better. Just...just YouTube this stuff. It is all over the place.

Kenny Omega.

Kenny Omega.

Kenny Omega.

If this was one of those lame lists that the Internet loves so much, this would have gone something like this...

Hot Tag Power Rankings:

1) Kenny Omega.

2) Kenny Omega.

3) Kenny Omega.

"OMG, once again the top three is indeed Kenny Omega, Kenny Omega, and yes indeed -- Kenny Omega."

4) Samoa Joe unexpected NXT win.

5) AJ Styles keeping Smackdown awesome.

Lucha Underground is just ever present and does not get a ranking because it's like the One Ring and rules all!

Honorable Mention: Shinsuke Nakamura, took a loss but his call up is eminent...or is it imminent? Let's pull a Deon on this; BOTH! Finn Balor -- Even out with injury, The Demon King is still killing it. Richochet -- because it's goddamn Richochet!

So yeah; that's the state of things. 2/3's of WWE's offerings are good, but it's main flagship offering of three bloody hours in my face hole is unwatchable! Everything else in the world deserves your attention.

P.S. Jericho is doing the best work of his life right now. That is right. We said it. Actually, Steve said it, and we just agreed with it. Because it is true. If you are not down with that, Tweet him directly, please. We would rather not defend Steve if we do not have to.

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